Project on crisis comunication in the area of risk management

Cri.Co.R.M. is a project with a three year duration, implemented in June 2012 by an international consortium coordinated by ASL in Brescia and co funded by the European Commission in the field of the Public Health programme.

The main objective of project is the analysis, the studying and the experimentation of communication strategies adequate for the targeting of a referral in order to enforce health security during emergencies, also with the use of social media.

The results of the Project CriCoRM were presented at the ESCAIDE Conference pre-symposim "Bridging epidemiology to public health security policy" held on 10th November 2015; indeed, the CriCoRM was selected  by CHAFEA out of the sixteen actions funded by the Health Programme 2008-2013 for this satellite symposium regarding the projects in the area of Health Security.

The aim of this satellite symposium was to offer experts, project partners and other conference participants the opportunity to exchange information on their work in the field of preparedness and response, and demonstrate how the Health programme actions outputs have been take-up at national/regional level.

During the expert presentation and debate, the panel identified common challenges and opportunities for improving the EU MS capacities, sustainability of work and future developments.

The meeting focused on available results, the state of art reports, guides, tools, training programmes developed to support the MS effectiveness of the risk assessment and response to biological threats in Europe. Improved programming and project implementation using the collective expertise from across Europe can  indeed be used to contribute to preventing the impact of infectious diseases outbreaks in Europe.

The satellite symposium was supported by Chafea, the Executive Agency for Health from the European Commission, developed in collaboration with the Directorate General for Health and Food safety, and the EU MS experts' networks on Health Security.

For more information on the project, its activities and the consortium of the partners, its possible to consult the official website