Decision Support System for the management of emergency

This project funded by the Social European Funding was realized between 2004 and 2005, has allowed the creation of a prototype of an online support system with the goal of making the decision making in a crisis situation easier to handle.

Indeed, those who find them themselves in the position of managing a crisis situation, apart from applying protocols and following procedures, also have to take decisions and make choices, often in short spaces of time, and among different hypothesis. In this phase, an online support system can offer possible solutions, by confronting data obtained from analogues of historical phenomena, providing precious aid in the assumption of responsible choices.

The project has the following objectives:

  • The definition and modulation of the concept of the “crisis” entity and the identification of the principal characteristics of the phenomena
  • The development of a model and appropriate model for the management of crisis situations, paying particular attention to the decision making, the coordination and the integration among those involved.
  • The development of an experimental online system prototype for the support of decision making processes which take into account the diverse aspects of the process of crisis management, from the informative dimension to that of the legislative one.

The project took action in the following

  • The definition of the procedure of the management of the chain of command and the handling of the recovery of normality,
  • The creation of an innovative model of evaluation of individual skills, which components are essential for the intellectual capital of the public utility, planning of valorization interventions and the development of a model in a concrete environment
  • Research, planning, realization and experimentation of an online support system for decision making.
  • Training activities for the management area, above all of those with a responsibility in the crisis management area
  • Experimentation of the model on a trial group, chosen from the Crisis Unit of ASL in Brescia, with the aim of verifying the degree of conformity between the expected results and the objectives of the project
  • Analysis and evaluation of the results and the consequent identification of improvement measures.
  • Diffusion of the results

The following took part in the development of the project

  • Laser Soc. Coop., a Brescian training institution with vast experience in the management of information and know how, above all in the health sector
  • Prem1er S.r.L, a training company well known in the Lombardy Region
  • ASL in Brescia, one of the territorial structures of the National Health System which is responsible for the health of the population in its operational territory.
  • Keisdata S.r.l, a consulting company supporting the public utilities in the process of certification and conformity of the company management systems and the development of legislative, normative, and regulatory frameworks increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the business
  • University of Brescia, an institution which operates in research in the area of public health, epidemiology, health politics, crisis management, and evaluation of health organizations.
  • ACB Association of the Brescian Municipalities one of the most active local Italian associations
  • Broking Financial Services Partner s.r.l.